Covid-19 Catch up Funding Strategy Statement

School NameWrenn School
Pupils in sixth form135
Pupils entitled to catch-up funding2 grade 3 students
Covid-19 catch up funding£980.00

Strategy Statement

  • To provide 1:1 and 1:2 tuition and support for Post 16 students who did not achieve English or Maths GCSE at a standard pass grade (4 or above)
  • To support identified Year 13 students by providing extra resources to reach their target grades and access their chosen Post-18 route where their Level 3 study has been disrupted.
To provide tutor for 1:2 sessions for 2 students who did not achieve English (Sept-Dec)1:2 tuition sessions£400
To provide tutor for 1:1 sessions for 1 students who did not achieve Maths (Sept-Dec)1:1 tuition sessions£400
To provide extra resources for identified Year 13 students to reach their target gradesPurchase extra resources to help students behind in their learning£180