Character Education

“A true test of someone’s character is what they do when no one is watching.”
Character education is a huge part of our school development for both staff and
students. Our ethos is at the core of this work and we ask all members of our
community to demonstrate this at all times.

Work Hard
Character Virtues – Confidence, Motivation, Team Working and Ambition
Outstanding work demands outstanding effort. Being good is not good enough. I
have the ability to achieve outstanding progress in all of my lessons that will enable
me to achieve my goals in the future.

Respect Others
Character Virtues – Humility, Honesty, Tolerance, Compassion, Integrity,
Justice and Respect.

Outstanding learning is about committing to your own and your classmate’s lessons.
Poor behaviour effects everyone’s and opportunities to succeed. You have a right to
learn and a responsibility to ensure that others can learn as well.

Enjoy learning
Character Virtues – Curiosity, Reflection, Gratitude and Critical Thinking.
Enjoying learning is about wanting to widen my knowledge of the world, of
understanding why things are, how they should be and how they could be. It is not
just for now, but also for the future. Learning is all around me, all I have to do is
reach out and pick it up.

Never give up
Character Virtues – Determination, Courage, Resilience, Resourcefulness and

Resilience is essential for success, we learn from our mistakes and we build upon
our knowledge.

Navigate Your Future
Character Virtues – Citizenship, Neighbourliness, Community awareness,
Service, Volunteering and Ambition

I will learn from examples of excellence in my community and understand that there
is no limit to my potential. I am in control of my future and will ensure I educate
myself on career opportunities so I make informed choices.

Character Education is developed in three distinctive ways:

Character that is taught
This is where we explicitly teach our students about desirable characteristics during
both form time, our awards system and our character education drop down sessions.

Character that is caught
This is where role modelling is essential for the students to learn from examples of
other people character. This is where it is crucial that staff demonstrate character
which reflects our ethos and can be copied by our students. Student Leadership is
also an important part of this education.

Character that is sought
This is where the students are given opportunities to develop their character
themselves via extra-curricular, enrichment, trips, charity work. We have a full
outdoor education programme which is used to support character development with
students who maybe struggling with a certain aspect of our ethos.

If you are interested in joining the Character Education working group or would like
to discuss this further, please contact Rebecca Hales: Vice Principal for Culture,
Welfare and Character.