Ethos and Values

Wrenn Academy is a community and we have very high expectations of all of the members of this community. We have a very simple ethos at Wrenn and that is at we are all “Proud to be Wrenn”. We achieve this by following the expectations shown below:

Work Hard
Outstanding work demands outstanding effort. Being good is not good enough. I have the ability to achieve outstanding progress in all of my lessons that will enable me to achieve my goals in the future.

There are no limits as to what I can achieve.

Respect Others
Outstanding learning is about committing to your own and your classmate’s lessons. Poor behavior effects everyone’s and opportunities to succeed. You have a right to learn and a responsibility to ensure that others can learn as well.

Enjoy learning
Enjoying learning is about wanting to widen my knowledge of the world, of understanding why things are, how they should be and how they could be. It is not just for now, but also for the future.

Learning is all around me, all I have to do is reach out and pick it up.

Never give up
Life is full of challenges, and it is how I approach them that makes the difference. I will be tested, challenged and encouraged by my studies and by myself. To be outstanding requires each hurdle to be conquered, and the success of doing so being celebrated.

Nothing is impossible
I will be outstanding. In everything. That is my goal.