OFSTED Reports

The school is subject to an OFSTED inspection on a regular basis according to the current regulations as laid down by the Department for Education.

Depending on the type of inspection the school is given less than 24 hours’ notice of an impending inspection. Inspectors spend two days in school conducting the following:

  • Observations of lessons and marking of students work
  • Observations of other aspects of school life including break times
  • Meetings with the Principal and senior team to discuss strategy and results
  • Meetings with student representatives
  • Meetings with the AIB and CET representatives
  • Issuing of a parent questionnaire and consultation of the Parent view website about the Academy
  • A review of the schools safeguarding and child protection procedures

At the end of the inspection a report is issued that summarises all of the inspection findings and makes recommendations for improvements. There may also be further follow up visits recommended to check on progress.

The report is made available for parents and can be seen below:


If you would like to leave a comment on the OFSTED parent view page about the Academy please use the link below:

Ofsted Parent View page for Wrenn Academy

DfE Performance data can be viewed here