Curriculum Intent: Ambition, Determination and Proud to be Wrenn

At Wrenn School we believe that “Every student has the opportunity to achieve beyond their potential”. Our intent is that pupils at Wrenn experience a coherently sequenced curriculum which allows them to develop complex schema to understand the world around them. The curriculum will also lead to personal development of pupils through instilling the values of being “Proud to be WRENN”

The Wrenn curriculum will:

  • Be broad and balanced allowing pupils to participate in a wide range of subjects and learning experiences
  • Create an aspirational high achievement learning culture.
  • Allow everyone to experience success beyond their potential.
  • Considers the needs of all pupils and be designed with an understanding of how learners learn.
  • Ensures our students are fully prepared for their future.
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore how to keep themselves safe both in their community and the wider world

The Wrenn curriculum will enable our students to develop into:

  • Successful, active learners who have a thirst for knowledge enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve excellence.
  • Confident individuals who can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.

The “Proud to be Wrenn” ethos will instil the following values in pupils:

W – Work Hard

R – Respect Others

E – Enjoy Learning

N – Never give up

N – Nothing is impossible

Research considered when designing our curriculum includes:

  • Cognitive Load Theory – to ensure our curriculum is designed to build complex schema as they progress through the curriculum, and is implemented through effective learning strategies (retrieval practice, spaced practice, interleaving, elaboration, dual coding and concrete examples).
  • Adaptive teaching – teacher adapting their lesson to the ever-changing needs of their pupils to ensure there is always progression from prior knowledge.
  • Growth Mindset Theory – pupils experience opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding with no limit placed on the levels of attainment and progress. Our pupils will grow into resilient learners.
  • Rosenshines Principles of Instruction – to ensure our curriculum is implemented in an effective manner, teachers present new material in small steps and students have opportunities to practice and develop.