KS3 Curriculum

Lower Academy: Years 7 and 8 

Mrs R Hales, Director of Lower Academy

Vice Principal Lower School – Mrs R Hales

The aim in the first two years is to give all pupils a sound basis in skills and content that generally follows National Curriculum requirements, whilst also preparing them for the examination courses which will follow later. In the Lower School, all pupils usually study the same range of subjects that reinforces and then builds upon their Key Stage 2 experiences. Variations may exist due to individual educational needs or to provide specific student with the opportunity to study languages such as Polish or Guajarati. In either circumstance such routes will be discussed with parents/carers beforehand.

Our Lower School education is a unique experience in that the Year 7 and 8 students remain separated from the rest of the school with their own dining area, learning classrooms, corridors and recreation areas.  The curriculum is designed to support the mastery of topics and theories with students encouraged to develop their learning and understanding linked to the work and skills they will pursue further at GCSE level.

Our unique situation helps with not only their initial integration into a secondary education setting, but ensures that they continual develop personally and educationally before they graduate into the Upper school and begin their new GCSE courses.

A visual representation of the Lower Academy curriculum is shown below. (Lesson hours per fortnight are shown in brackets)