Examination Results

Mrs Parker
It gives me great pleasure to report our KS4 and KS5 results below and show that the school is making excellent progress. We are providing a value-added education for our students, regardless of starting points. The exam results since 2018 exam
results continue to show this trend, with indications that the progress 8 score will continue to show pupils making progress above the national average. In line with government guidance, examination results for 2020 and 2021 have not been included in the table below. No performance table measures have been generated
for these years as examinations were not completed, due to the pandemic.

2023 results

The P8 figure is the average progress that all our students made in 8 subjects,
compared with their entry scores in year 7. With the national average progress 8
score being 0, with figures of +0.17, +0.04, +0.09 and a provisional score of +0.06
for 2023, students at Wrenn School make greater than national average progress.
You can find more information regarding Progress 8
at https://www.theschoolrun.com/secondary-school-performance-measures

The key performance measures at KS4 are:

KS4 results   
Attainment 840.142.340.343
Ebacc APS3.353.493.433.71
% entering Ebacc14.6%24%34%52%
% achieving a good pass (C or 4) in Eng and Maths51%51%50%58%
% achieving a strong pass (5) in Eng and Maths28%34%28%37%
% continuing in education, employment or training96.4%92.2%91%

Our Year 13 students achieved some amazing results this year with over 40% of all
grades awarded at A-B and nearly 70% of all grades awarded at A-C. Vocational
grades were again outstanding with 73% of all vocational grades being awarded at
Distinction or Distinction*

There is no validated progress score for Year 13 this year as their Key Stage 4 results were part of the TAG process.

A level – key measures2023 2022201920182017
Alevel Progress ScoreN/AN/A-0.31+0.05 +0.04
Alevel Average Result29.79
32.23 (C+)25.81(C-)29.24 (C) 26.35 (C-)
Alevel Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme94%  95.2%94.2% 93.8% 98.5%
Academic Progress ScoreN/AN/A-0.23+0.11 +0.06
Academic Average Result31.02
32.94 (C+)27.13(C-)30.24 (C) 26.69 (C-)
Academic Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme94%95.2%94.2% 93.8%98.5%
Applied General Progress ScoreN/AN/A+0.250.35 -0.01
Applied General Average Result37.20
34.66 (Dist)37.07 (Dist+)37.63 (Dist+) 41.67 (Dist*)
Applied General Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programmeN/A   SUPPSUPP 86.7%
Tech Levels Progress ScoreNENE NE NE NE
Tech Levels Average ResultNENE NE NE NE
Tech Levels Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programmeNENE NE NE NE
English ProgressN/AN/ASUPPSUPP 0.83
Maths ProgressN/AN/ASUPP0.83 0

* 2018 results placed Wrenn as the top sixth form in the town for progress at A-level, Academic and Applied general.

SUPP: Suppressed: in certain circumstances the DfE will suppress an establishment’s data. This is usually when there are 5 or fewer pupils or students covered by the measure.

Our results show that Wrenn students are making progress, which is testimony to our hard-working staff and work ethos of our young people. 

Performance Data from the Department for Education is available to view here
The school and College performance tables can be found here

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