Examination Results

C Davis
Mrs C Davis, Examinations Officer.

It gives me great pleasure to report our KS4 and KS5 results below and shows that in the Academy is making phenomenal progress.  We are providing a value added education for our students, regardless of starting points. The exam results for 2017 show that pupils are making significantly more progress than the national average. 2018 exam results continue to show this trend, with indications that the progress 8 score will continue to show pupils making progress above the national average.

The P8 figure is the average progress that all our students made in 8 subjects, compared with their entry scores in year 7. The Ofsted floor standard for all schools in the country is -0.25, with the national average being 0, so with a figure of +0.17 students at Wrenn Academy make greater than national average progress. You can find more information regarding Progress 8 at https://www.theschoolrun.com/secondary-school-performance-measures

The key performance measures at KS4 are:

KS4 results
Progress 8+0.17+0.19-0.35N/AN/A
Attainment 84.34.5~4.454.064.24
% achieving Ebacc (4+ C+)19%16%16%13%23%
% achieving Ebacc (5+ C+)12%^15%N/AN/AN/A
Ebacc APS3.71N/AN/AN/AN/A
% entering Ebacc52%29%27%30%43%
% achieving a good pass (C or 4) in English and Maths58%51%38%42.0%41.0%
% achieving a strong pass (5) in English and Maths37%36%N/AN/AN/A
% of pupils staying in education or employment after KS4N/AN/A91%88%92%
*awaiting adjustments on performance tables
~points not comparable to pre-2016
^not comparable to pre-2018

Our Year 13 students achieved some amazing results this year with 87% of students gained at least one A*-B grade, with over three quarters of students gaining at least one A*-A grade. The number of A*-B grades achieved increase by 16%. Progress from GCSE in 2018 is the highest in the town, especially in Vocational subjects and Academic subject areas.

A level – key measures*201820172016
Alevel Progress Score+0.05 +0.04-0.23
Alevel Average Result29.24 (C) 26.31 (C-)25.76 (C-)
Alevel Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme 98.5%96.90%
Academic Progress Score+0.11 +0.06-0.22
Academic Average Result30.24 (C) 26.69 (C-)25.91 (C-)
Academic Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme98.5%96.90%
Applied General Progress Score0.35 -0.01SUPP
Applied General Average Result37.63 (Dist+) 41.67 (Dist*)SUPP
Applied General Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme86.7%SUPP
Tech Levels Progress Score NE NENE
Tech Levels Average Result NE NENE
Tech Levels Retention: Percentage of students completing their main study programme NE NENE
Number of pupils62 8397
Achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects10.5% 4%7.60%
Grade and points for a student’s best 3 A-levels33.33C+ 31 (C)29.07 ( C )
Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study95%
English ProgressSUPP 0.83SUPP
Maths Progress0.83 0SUPP

* 2018 results placed Wrenn as the top sixth form in the town for progress at A-level, Academic and Applied general.

Our results this year show that Wrenn students are making progress, which is testimony to our hard working staff and work ethos of our young people.  This upward trend will continue throughout 2017/18 as we challenge all our students to raise their aspirations to achieve beyond their expectations.  The future is bright, the future is Wrenn.

Performance Data from the Department for Education is available to view here
The school and College performance tables can be found here.