Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant 

What is the Pupil Premium Grant? 

The school receives funding from the government for students who have been registered for free school meals (FSM) in the last 6 years and for students who have been looked after by the local authority in a continuous way for a period of more than 6 months. The aim of the funding is to help the schools to provide education to ensure students achieve their potential at school. 

Links to School priorities: 

PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 1 Learning Recovery To deliver a programme of conceptual thinking, confidence building and self-reflection that will strengthen attitudes to learning and outcomes for disadvantaged students following Covid-19 disruption. 
PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 2 CPD on subject knowledge and pedagogy To embed a programme of continuous teacher development in relation to the key concepts so that teachers are experts in their concept; this will enable disadvantaged students to achieve. 
PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 3 Improving learning and outcomes To strengthen the capacity of PP TLR holders so that they create a highly effective team which improves learning and outcomes of disadvantaged students. 
PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 4 Curriculum development To develop a programme of study that it is of high quality to ensure disadvantaged students achieve and have enhanced life chances. 
PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 5 Staff and student welfare To enhance and deliver a programme that supports the welfare of disadvantaged students. 
PRIORITY IMPROVEMENT AREA 6 Developing external links To continue to develop external links that enhance the experiences of students, develop staff and share subject expertise. 

Student performance data

Below is a table of actual performance over previous years. The most recent data (2020-21) has not been published due to guidance from the Department for education. The 2019-20 data is not current but is the last year of externally assessed grades. National headline figures have not been published, therefore this data will remain the same until such a time as the guidance changes

 Not Current Progress 8 –  2018-19 Progress 8 2019 – 2020
 English and Maths 4+ 2018-19 –
 English and Maths 5+ 2018-19English and Maths 5+ 2019-20
 Yr 7-12Percentage Attendance 2018-19Percentage Attendance 2019-20
 Behaviour Related Incidents – 2018-19Behaviour Related Incidents – 2019-20 –
 NEET Figures 2018-19NEET Figures 2019-20 –

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Download our Disadvantaged Pupils Report 2019-20

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