Year 13 EPQ Presentations

Last week we had the pleasure of watching the year 13 EPQ presentations for their final assessment.  The EPQ is the “Extended Project Qualification” which is an extra AS level where pupils are able to complete a research based project on an area they wish.  This could be an area of personal interest or it could be something linked to their degree they are choosing to study at University.  Students can either present their findings in a 5000 word dissertation or can create an artefact with a supporting essay.

All of our EPQ students spoke confidently to their audience this week about the project they have independently studied and it was fantastic to sit and hear about so many completely different topics.  The breadth of knowledge was outstanding and everyone present definitely felt they had learnt something new at the end of the presentations.  One commented how great it was to see such hard working students with passion for their studies.

All students reflected at the end of this experience and feel they have learnt valuable information about their topic areas, as well as key skills that are going to help them in their onward journey after sixth form life.  These students have spent over 90 hours independently working on their EPQ, which shows huge commitment and dedication to their studies.  This EPQ is the equivalent of an extra AS level and I am sure there will be some very pleasing results in the summer. Huge congratulations to the year 13 students involved, and the supervisors who have supported them every step of the way.

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