Wrenn Summer School 2021

We had the absolute pleasure of welcoming over 180 of our new year seven students onto site during the summer holidays for our ‘Proud to be Wrenn’ summer school. The week took place on our Doddington Road site from the 23rd – 27th August and was supported by large numbers of the Wrenn staff. The focus of the week was Character Education with each day devoted to exploring our Wrenn Ethos of Work Hard, Respect Others, Enjoy Learning, Never Give Up and Navigate your Future. Throughout the week, the students completed a range of activities including orienteering around the site, pottery, drama, cooking, science experiments, P.E and English. The highlight of the week for the students was the Never Give Up trip to the Bear Grylls Adventure Centre in Birmingham where the students were able to face their fears on Europe’s highest high ropes, climb up recreated rock faces, practice their archery skills, and race their teachers on the SAS assault course. We then finished the week with a day focused on the students exploring future careers in an escape room group activity. It was great to see our new year group exploring the site and enjoying some fantastic food from our canteen.

We asked the students to complete a survey at the end of the week about their experiences and 96% of the students stated they felt more confident joining Wrenn in September. They identified making new friends, building relationships with staff, and learning about the school ethos as key skills they have learned. The Bear Grylls Trip was a huge hit with the vast majority identifying this as their favourite part but also identifying they loved it because they overcame their fears.

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