Peterborough Cathedral – Soyuz Workshop Trip Report

Report by Daniel in Year 9.

On Monday 24th September, some Year 9 students went on a trip to Peterborough Cathedral for a Soyuz workshop. We arrived and split off into 2 groups; one group went on the tour of the Cathedral first while the other group took on a challenge. The groups would then switch over afterwards. The challenge was to keep an egg from cracking when dropping it from a high up place. Everyone loved doing it and we all got involved. The tour consisted of looking around the Cathedral and relating it to astronomy. We also got to see the Soyuz capsule that astronaut Tim Peake used in 2015-2016. After both groups had finished the challenge and tour, we had lunch and left. Our trip was great and all of the students enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed all of it and I want to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to go.


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