Mission Statement

At Wrenn School, we are proud of our community and proud of our students. We want all of our students to enjoy their learning, to develop personally and academically and to experience a sense of achievement and success each and every day.

We are a school that believes in creating the very best environment for learning. We have the highest expectations for all of our students. At Wrenn School the small things are important, and we want to remove any distractions that may inhibit learning or progress and we want all of our students to succeed and thrive.

Student care and guidance is rightly so a strength of the school, we believe in the importance of good rapport and relationships with our families and students. We want our students to feel safe and feel supported and to be proud of our school community.

· At Wrenn we want our students to know more, to do more and to experience more.

· At Wrenn we encourage our students to be curious, to ask questions and to be inquisitive.

· We develop our students to be independent learners, to be confident individuals and to be resilient and hard working.