As an School we regard traditional homework to now take the form of ‘Prep’. In other words work that is set to be completed outside of the classroom that needs to be done to prepare for the learning that is to come.

Prep will be issued on a regular basis based on the needs of the future learning. All staff in the relevant subjects will set Prep and record it in Edulink. Revision may be set as prep as it is preparing for an upcoming exam, and will consist of a structured activity.

Tasks will be between 15 – 30 minutes in length for years 7-8, and 30 – 45 minutes for years 9-11. A minimum of 1 hour for Sixth formers will be set.

The completion of Prep is vital to ensure that students are ready for the learning that will be coming up in class; therefore students that do not complete prep will fall under the Schools behaviour for learning protocols.

Edulink One

Wrenn uses ‘Edulink’, an online tool that shows all of your children’s Prep, deadlines and grades.

All students and parents will be provided with login details to your personal account. If you don’t have these details, please email, or use the contact us page.

There is an app available for you to use this service, download them from the usual online stores, again details should’ve been given to you.

If you’d like to get in touch with the school or provide feedback, please contact Mrs Clarke-Jones via email –