Homework at Wrenn

Homework at Wrenn will generally follow one of the 4 formats listed below:


Practice from the lessons you have just taught


Self-quizzing and self-testing on prior learning


Revision through provided or online resources


Preparation for the coming lessons, by looking up, or looking through key resources

Homework will be set as an assignment on Microsoft TEAMS. A weekly email will be sent out to parents detailing assignments from the previous week and the week ahead.

The frequency with which is it set will vary by subject. This is detailed in the document below:

Wrenn School Homework.pdf

The completion of homework is vital to ensure that students are ready for the learning and are prepared for success in their assessments.

If you’d like to get in touch with the school or provide feedback, please contact Mrs Clarke-Jones via email – hannah.jones@wrennschool.org.uk