Behaviour for Learning

Mr Hance
Mr M Hance, Attendance and Behaviour for Learning Manager

The Academy seeks to maintain a safe and structured environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn.  The vast majority of young people appreciate a culture of good, respectful behaviour, both in and out of lessons, and this culture is central to the Academy’s philosophy.

It is the Academy’s belief that the best way to bring about good classroom behaviour is for students:

  • to be engaged in their learning;
  • to be set clear, firm boundaries;
  • to be challenged at a level appropriate to their ability;  and
  • to be taught in such a way as to stimulate their interest.

Central to creating good order is respect for the adults in the Academy.  The Principal and other senior leaders will help to create a culture of respect by supporting the staff’s authority to discipline students and ensuring that this happens consistently across the Academy.

The Academy is proud of its good reputation throughout the local community, and realises that good behaviour from its students, in and out of Academy, is instrumental in maintaining this.

Finally, the ability to manage one’s own behaviour is an important life skill, and it is one of the Academy’s main tasks, in partnership with parents, to promote this.

The Academy’s Behaviour Policy can be found here.

The CET Behaviour Policy – Covid Addendum 27.08.20 can be found here

Our policy on drugs

Wrenn Academy will not tolerate the presence or misuse of illegal drugs, drugs with no accepted medicinal purpose, the improper use or supply of solvents, tobacco, alcohol or other prohibited substances on its property or on off-site Academy trips and will act promptly and appropriately on such occasions in accordance with government guidance.

Our full policy on incidents involving drugs and alcohol is available here.