Assessment and Parental Feedback

General assessment

A range of assessment types are used with students at all levels of the school. Students receive feedback using the schools standardized marking stamp, which rewards good practice, offers targets for improvement and acknowledges the effort put into the task. Students are expected to respond to the comments by making use of ‘purple pen’ feedback.

Depending on the subject and/or task, students may also be assessed on a more practical, informal basis. In this verbal feedback and discussion plays an important role in judging the progress that students are making

Students should expect regular assessments in order to gauge progress and understanding. Parents can help this process by engaging with their son/daughter in asking how they are progressing and how they have done in a particular assessment.

Click here for the 2021/2022 Student Assessment Calendar

National changes in GCSE grades

The vast majority of GCSE subjects are now graded using a scale of 1-9. The Department for education equates a good pass in a subject as being a grade 5 and a standard pass as being at a grade 4 (both the equivalent of a C grade in the old system). How this equates to grade boundaries is uncertain and will in all likelihood change year upon year. The school is using all of the benchmarking data provided by exam boards and other schools to estimate the grade boundaries that we will be using to give out grades to students.

National Changes in Key Stage Three Levels

Wrenn is no longer using the old style Key stage three levels, in line with most schools. We do target set and grade our students using the new GCSE grades, but adjust assessments throughout all year groups to reflect the knowledge and experience that students have at each assessment point. In this way we would expect all students to maintain at least their MEG grade in all assessments taken.

Parental Feedback

All year groups have at least one formal parent evening per year, this will depend on the year group and the focus for the evening. Please refer to the school calendar for the dates of the evenings.

Parents will also receive three written reports per year that are sent home spread throughout the year. In these reports we highlight student’s current progress against their ‘Minimum Expected Grade (MEG)’ for each subject, as well as the effort they have demonstrated since their last report.

We also at various times of the year issue a ‘Wrenn Proforma’. This is a summary of a student’s strengths and weaknesses in both knowledge and skills based on the examination or assessment they have taken. This document allows students and staff to identify the specific areas for improvement, together with the strategies that will facilitate this.