Welcome from the Principal

I would like to welcome you all to Wrenn School, a thriving, highly successful learning community, committed to both individual and collective success.

I take enormous pride in leading this inspiring school – Northamptonshire’s School of the Year 2018, with our dedicated staff, who are committed to raising the aspirations and achievements of all our students. Our aim is to unlock everyone’s potential, there are no limits to the level of success our students can achieve.

We ensure that every student has access to a top quality education and given the best life opportunities. We create a positive attitude, an “I can achieve anything” atmosphere, through our values of being ‘Proud to be Wrenn’, which emanates throughout the School.

Our School is developing a reputation for its relentless pursuit of excellence with a focus on academic rigour. We insist on outstanding behaviour within a harmonious and respectful culture, where students feel happy and safe. We encourage our students to become confident and independent young adults, balanced by compassion and respect for others.

Wrenn is a School with a bright future and we are delighted to welcome you to our school.



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