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Course Summary

This is a completely NEW course in DT and has been selected to allow ALL students an improved opportunity to achieve higher level grades. We live in a visual world and Graphic images are bombarding our lives in many ways, on walls, clothing, computer screens, television, maps and books to name a few. This course will allow students to develop their own creativity and skills of communicating. Projects will encourage students to develop products that reflect combinations of text, illustrations, colour, photographs and diagrams as applied graphics. These will be carried on a range of 3D products that make use of a wide range of thin sheet materials for their construction.

GCSE courses in Design and Technology aim to allow students to become independent & creative problem solvers. The Graphic Communication course has been developed to meet the needs of students of all abilities and should be of particular interest to students who have strengths in Mathematics and Art. If you want to develop your ability to communicate visually, you should consider Graphic Communication. Future career paths of students following Graphic Communication have included: Architecture, Interior design, Set design, Furniture design, Print Industry, Web design, Automotive design, Engineering and Product Design. Graphic Communication is a subject which allows students to access a wide range of future opportunities as the ability to communicate their creativity is the key criteria that many degree courses and employers wish to see through a folio of work.

What will students learn?

You will start the course developing your drawing techniques working by hand and using Computer Aided Design – CAD. You will also be introduced to the first part of the Non-Exam Assessment (60%), when you will investigate a topic and develop ideas based upon your analysis of various sources. You will then go on to refine your ideas in response to the stimulus chosen. You will show how your work can be used for different purposes and meet the needs of the intended users. Your drawing can be in the form of illustration, layout or typography and will need to demonstrate your ability to use a wide range of media and materials.

How will students be assessed?

During the two year course you will be expected to develop your ability to organise yourself and meet the many deadlines set to ensure you complete the controlled assessments in the time available.

This is a subject that has continued to evolve and develop over time. Originally focusing upon technical drawing, this subject relies now upon the latest technology and is a subject which allows students to access a huge array of future careers.