Care, Careers and Guidance

Our students; their experience, their well-being and their needs are at the centre of everything we do as a school.
Our ‘Proud to be Wrenn’ ethos and values are central to our culture, organisation and student success. The attention we give to ensuring our students are safe and well cared for is recognised as a strength of the academy.
Wrenn’s experienced and dedicated team of staff support, encourage and cajole all of our students. It doesn’t matter the background or needs of our students, we will ensure that they all have the maximum opportunity to achieve and succeed both academically and personally.
Each year group is led by a Progress Leader who provides guidance, support and challenge to the students under their care, right from day one. Through detailed monitoring with their subject teachers, they liaise closely with parents and outside agencies to ensure that any barriers or potential barriers to learning are addressed. Therefore, allowing every student the opportunity to succeed beyond their potential.
Working alongside the Progress Leader is a Year Team Manager, who is always available to offer support to students and their families. We aim to respond quickly and sensitively to any students in difficulty, accessing any necessary help and guidance from a range of sources both internal and external.
Students with special educational needs (SEN) are supported by our highly experienced, specialist team of professionals who offer support both in and out of lessons. Students can access our SEN department, commonly referred to as ‘The Base,’ before, during and after-school making use of the excellent range of facilities it has to offer.

Home School communication

Effective parental involvement and communication is crucial in supporting a student’s education. We run a number of events throughout each school year, which are tailored towards that particular year groups’ needs and requirements.
In year 7 and 8 we hold a ‘meet the tutor’ evening early in the first term, to allow parents/carers to meet their son/daughters tutor and discuss how they have settled in. We also run a number of workshops during the evening on a range of topics relevant to parents/carers in how to support students learning at home.
We report three times a year on a student’s progress via their census point report. This provides information on levels of effort and attainment based on regular and rigorous in class assessments. Moreover, once during the year, we also have a formal parents evening, allowing parents/carers the opportunity to meet subject teachers and gain more in-depth feedback on their child’s progress.
However, we do not just reply on communicating with parents/carers during these set occasions. We aim to keep parents as informed as possible on all aspects of school life and have regular communications home via our ‘Connect-Ed’ messaging system. This allows us to share with you important information about school events or your child’s well-being. It is therefore critical that we have up-to-date contact details for parents/carers throughout a student’s time at Wrenn. We would also encourage parents to contact the Academy if you have any concerns or queries.

Careers information and guidance

Wrenn is committed to raising the aspirations of all our students, even before they begin their education with us. We run a number of interactive activities with Year 5 and 6 children linking subjects to careers in areas such as English, Science and PE.
This aspiration continues once they enter the Academy through the diverse range of impartial careers information, advice and guidance. This helps them with their options for their future and potential career plans from Year 7.
We have an excellent careers centre based at our Doddington site (the IAG room). This room has a wide range of resources including career specific books such as the ‘how2become’ range. Additionally it has a comprehensive bank of specific careers literature, Further and Higher education prospectuses, leaflets and posters. We also provide an extensive amount of information for our year 7 and 8 students at the London Road site. The lower school students have wonderful career opportunities through a number of ‘experience’ type days such as: World at Work (WOW) day, visits by external speakers, visits to local businesses, colleges and HE institutions, visits to careers fairs and work with other external careers agencies.
Careers related topics are covered as standalone modules in PSHE, as well as being embedded in the general curriculum areas. All our students have access to a computer based careers resources and parents are encouraged to register on this excellent, interactive site too.

We pride ourselves on raising aspirations, challenging stereotypes and encouraging our students to consider a wide range of careers throughout their time in the Academy.


PSHEE Education at Wrenn is taught through dedicated PSHEE lessons twice a fortnight. However many topics are supported through the Big Question focus in tutor time, in assemblies and specific off timetable events such as visits from our School Nurse team, the Soloman Theatre, Humanutopia and our local PCSO.  

Our curriculum aims to provide students with; a sound understanding of their role as a citizen now and in the future, the opportunity to consider wider societal and personal issues and the ability to develop critical thinking to make safe and informed decisions.  

In line with the Government’s Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education Guidance, Wrenn has committed to developing students’ awareness in three key areas, including;  

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Living in the Wider World (including Career Education)
  • Relationships & Sex Education

PSHE content for all year groups pdf document