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Course Summary

Fine Art doesn’t just mean drawing and painting. The aim of this course is to learn to express an idea or theme visually.

What will students learn?

In year 10, you will learn how to develop your artistic skills such as drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D work and imaginative thinking. During this time you will also begin to understand the importance of taking inspiration from artists in contemporary societies, other times and different cultures. You are required to produce artist information pages to demonstrate your ability to identify the links your artworks have with the ideas of others.

The projects completed always result in a final piece: this artwork is the conclusion to the project. Your sketchbook will contain initial drawings and ideas that relate to the title you have been working on; the final piece will be a product of this development work.

How will students be assessed?

ASSESSMENT Coursework: 1 project (which includes a sketchbook of preparatory work and a final piece). This is completed at school during a controlled period of time. COURSEWORK IS WORTH 60% OF YOUR FINAL MARK.

Exam: 1 project (which includes a sketchbook of preparatory work) and a final artwork which is completed in a 10 hour practical exam. EXAM IS WORTH 40% OF YOUR FINAL MARK.