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Course Summary

Students will take the Full Course GCSE. The course covers the topics outlined below. They will begin the course in Year 9 and complete it during Years 10 and 11. The GCSE qualification will then be awarded in August 2018.

What will students learn?

Beliefs, Teachings and Practices- Christianity and Buddhism (worth 50% of final grade)Religion, Philosophy and ethics in the Modern world- Christianity and Buddhism. There are 3 final exams (2x 1hour and 1×2 hours) In May/June 2018.

How will students be assessed?

There is no coursework requirement for this course.

During lessons students take part in a variety of activities, including discussion and debate. Students are encouraged to express and justify their own opinion and are given opportunities to empathise with the views and feelings of others. As a result, the course delivers a considerable part of the school’s Citizenship programme. Students also taught about the origins and implications of the diverse religious and ethnic identities of the United Kingdom, and the need for mutual respect and understanding.