KS3 Geography

Course Summary

Geography is the study of the planet and how humans interact with both natural and man-made environments. You will study a range of different places and environments and investigate the way we have changed these places; not always for the best!

What will students learn?

Year 7 In Year 7 you will begin your Geography career with investigating the concept of The ‘Big Bang’ and where we all originated from. You will then look at an in-depth study of the United Kingdom including the physical features of the country and where all of the people are. You will also have lessons on the ‘Great’ British weather and hopefully understand the national fixation with the weather (there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong choice of clothes!). We will end year 7 with a close up of the African continent; truly a land of contrast!We will be incorporating maps and geographical skills into each of these units of work
Year 8
 In Year 8 we will begin with Geomorphology; the study of glaciers and coasts.  We will be looking at how humans try to manage the natural environment, sometimes with disastrous consequences! We will then look at global population – why are some places densely populated and others barely have anyone there. From there we enter the world of Tectonics: the study of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We will look at how these natural events happen and the impact of them on people. Year 8 will end with a unit called Globalisation. This will involve us looking at where our clothes come from and how large companies such as Nike have become so successful. We will flip the coin and also look at the use of child labour and sweatshops. This unit will finish with an exciting Decision Making Exercise.We will be incorporating maps and geographical skills into each of these units of work.

Year 9

Year 9 will start by studying Tropical Rainforests and how we have learnt to adapt and learn from others. We will then start to prepare you for GCSE and begin with Tourism; we will be looking at the growth of tourism and how tourism has impacted our environment and our economy. We will then be looking at the very topical area of Climate Change and how this has impacted our weather locally and across the globe. This will include a study of extreme weather and climate; are humans responsible for the changing weather patterns around the world and what we can do about it. You will end year 9 with the study of Water on the Land, a crucial resource that we have often exploited but is invaluable to our everyday lives.

We will be incorporating maps and geographical skills into each of these units of work.

How will students be assessed?

Your assessments will be ongoing throughout KS3, we will primarily assess your progress at the end of each unit of work whilst reviewing elements of the previous topic studied.


Homework will be set according to the unit of work you are studying, they will be in the form of a project that will be easily accessible from the school’s Moodle and Show My Homework sites.