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Course Summary

Business Studies is an interesting, but challenging, course which concentrates on different sized businesses, from the small corner shop through to Multinational companies such as Amazon, Coca-cola and Nike.

What will students learn?

What topics are covered?

Different types of business ownership
Stake holders
Business Plans
Aims & Objectives of a Business
Financing a Business
People in Business—including leadership & Motivation
Cash Flow
Business Law
Customer Service

How will students be assessed?

Unit 1: Business in Action

Assessed by an External Exam (1 hour – 40%)

In this unit you will learn about the different business organisations which exist; business activity and organisation; aims and objectives and stakeholders; employers and employees; the changing use of

ICT and about the role of business in society.

Unit 2: Growing as a Business

Assessed by an External Exam (1 hour – 35%)

This unit focuses on larger business and how they are managed.

This extends knowledge from Unit 1 and looks at further issues for larger businesses and how they function.

Unit 3: Investigating a Business

Assessed by a Controlled Internal Assessment

The Controlled Internal Assessment requires the completion of a proposal which will be set by the Board. This task will be internally assessed and externally moderated. The assessment is marked out of of 40 and is worth 25% of the total marks available.

What skills will I need?

Business requires logical and analytical thinking, excellent writing skills and a good memory! Independent research skills are also crucial as businesses change almost daily and controlled assessment requires significant research.

The emphasis will be on the application of business knowledge to various case studies of typical types of business.