Month: November 2021

Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

These pictures are from the Gold DofE practise expedition.  As part of the Gold DofE award, students were required to complete a practice expedition. They went to Wales for a 4-day, 3-night where they went to Caernarfon, Llanberis, Dolwyddelan, Caen-yCoed.

Duke of Edingburgh’s Bronze Award

Students did their expedition which is a 2day expedition and 1 night camping. 

They started from Belton in Rutland and navigated their way to Wing where they set up camp and cooked their evening meal. They reviewed how the day went and discussed as a team areas they needed to work on the following day such as navigation, timing, organisation.  The second day they navigated themselves to the finish which was at Rutland water in Edith Weston.

Duke of Edingburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Wrenn School is thriving.

Students participate in several trips, visits and challenges in order to receive their Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award will not only add to the CVs and University applications of those students involved, but also allows them to build on their team work skills, survival skills, and allows them to learn new skills they would otherwise have not experienced.


Year 7 Sailing – We have set up links with the Sea Cadets to deliver a 6 week programme on the water. This has included sailing, paddle sports and raft building. Students have had the opportunity to learn a new skills on the River Nene at Thrapston sailing club. They have been working towards their RYA young sailor Stage 1 qualification.

Longtown Adventure Trips

Wrenn School are pleased to offer the opportunity for Year 8, 9 and 10 students to attend a residential trip to the Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre in Hereford. The centre offers a range of outdoor activities which aim to promote resilience, self-confidence, consideration for others, caring for the environment and much more. Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre is a multi-activity outdoor centre situated on the Herefordshire and Monmouthshire border. We are all about challenging outdoor adventure activities in and around the Brecon Beacons National Park and Black Mountains from our warm and comfortable village base. Our multi-activity courses aim to promote resilience, self-confidence, consideration for others, caring for the environment and the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle. This comes from enjoying the successes achieved through personal endeavour and working together, in wild and beautiful landscapes.



Discover Award

If you’ve completed a Start Award and want to learn more, the Discover Award is perfect for you. It’ll help you develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of paddling.

During this award, your instructor will work with you to evolve your decision making and practical skills, giving you confidence on the water.

What is the Discover Award?

The Discover Award allows you to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, as you become a more skilled and independent paddler. Through this award you will learn how to choose and effectively use equipment, whilst developing an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling.

Why should I do the Discover Award?

If you want to develop your skills from your Start Award, or feel like you need to expand your basic paddling knowledge further, this is the award you need. The award covers topics such as:

  1. Encouraging independent decision making on different bodies of water (moving river, canal, estuary, harbour), covering safety and weather aspects too
  2. Preparing for self-guided adventures
  3. Equipment you will need for a variety of paddle trips
  4. Further developing your canoe, kayak or SUP paddling and rescue skills

What’s next?

Completed your Discover Award session? Great! When you’ve completed your Discover Award there are three options:

  1. Progress onto the Explore Award.
  2. Head out paddling on your own… our Paddle Trails are a great way to get started


Year 10 Climbing – We have developed a link with the Pinnacle Centre In Northampton allowing our students the opportunity to work towards achieving their NICAS – LEVEL 1 and 2 National Indoor Climbing Scheme qualification. Students can also use this as their Skill for their Bronze/Silver DofE award.


NICAS Climbing and NICAS Bouldering are UK-wide schemes designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. They’re a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering, from novice to experienced, starting from age 7.


NICAS Climbing and NICAS Bouldering each have five progressive levels of award for complete novices to expert climbers. The scheme is split into two parts and takes a minimum of 80 hours to complete Levels 1 to 4 and an additional year to complete Level 5. Part one contains Levels 1 to 3 and part two contains Levels 4 and 5.


  • to develop climbing movement skills and improve levels of ability
  • to learn climbing rope-work and how to use equipment appropriately
  • to develop risk assessment and risk management skills in the sport
  • to work as a team, communicate with, and trust a climbing partner
  • to provide a structure for development, motivation and improved performance
  • to develop an understanding of the sport, its history and future challenges
  • to provide a record of personal achievement
  • to point the way to further disciplines and challenges in climbing beyond the scheme.


1. New Climber
An entry level aimed at novices that recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision.

2. Foundation Climber
Aimed at promoting good practice in climbing and bouldering unsupervised on an artificial wall.

3. Technical Climber
A more advanced top-roping and bouldering award that focusses on developing technique and movement skills. This is aimed at ensuring a candidate possesses the knowledge and skill to climb and belay safely at any climbing facility (whether or not under supervision or with back-up) and operate in a responsible manner. Achievement at this level is broadly equivalent to a pass at GCSE.

4. Lead Climber
Concentrating on the skills required to lead climb proficiently. Aimed at developing a self-motivated climber who has a wide range of skills and has reached a high level of competence, with a desire to progress by identifying and setting goals.

5. Advanced Climber
The top-level award that focuses on improving performance, a deeper understanding of climbing systems and the wider world of climbing, as well as experience of local and national competitions.

Miss Earl 

DofE Manager & PE Teacher