Month: September 2018

Peterborough Cathedral – Soyuz Workshop Trip Report

Report by Daniel in Year 9.

On Monday 24th September, some Year 9 students went on a trip to Peterborough Cathedral for a Soyuz workshop. We arrived and split off into 2 groups; one group went on the tour of the Cathedral first while the other group took on a challenge. The groups would then switch over afterwards. The challenge was to keep an egg from cracking when dropping it from a high up place. Everyone loved doing it and we all got involved. The tour consisted of looking around the Cathedral and relating it to astronomy. We also got to see the Soyuz capsule that astronaut Tim Peake used in 2015-2016. After both groups had finished the challenge and tour, we had lunch and left. Our trip was great and all of the students enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed all of it and I want to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to go.


September 2018 Blog

I think you will all agree that 2018 was an amazing year for Wrenn with so many individual and collective successes.  We were proud to be judged GOOD by Ofsted in May which is testimony to all the hard work and commitment from all of our stakeholders.  In July, we were recognised at the Northampton Education Awards as “School of the Year 2018”, which highlighted the incredibly journey and triumphs over the last year.

In sport, there is a famous saying; ‘you are only as good as your next game’. At Wrenn we are determined not to stand still and will work harder to raise the bar for next year.  We will continue to raise the aspirations and expectations of all our staff and students so that we deliver an excellent education, where everyone can achieve beyond their potential. Our next challenge is to be recognised as a top 10% school in the UK within the next three years.  We are looking forward to this new journey with you. 

I would like to congratulate all of the Year 11 and 13 students who passed their examinations in the summer. Our Year 13’s had record breaking results and the majority have now started their degree courses in their first choice universities.  Our wonderful Year 11 students continued to raise standards and we saw improvements in both 4+ and 5+ English and Maths results.  Many have stayed on with us in our Wrenn Sixth Form and we know they will work just as hard in their chosen A level courses.

Our students are exceptional, and we will continue to guarantee that they receive every opportunity to make the progress that turns their dreams into a reality.  Our aim is to unlock the capability of every student and believe that there are no limits to what they can achieve. 

We look forward to meeting all new parents and students when we open our doors on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 for our Year 5/6 Open Evening. You will be able to attend from 6.30pm until 8.30pm, to see for yourself why Wrenn Academy is a great place for your child to be educated.

On the 1st of November 2018, we will be joining the Creative Education Trust and we are looking forward to the new opportunities that will benefit our school and students.  This is an inspiring time to be part of the Wrenn family, we are proud of our achievements and excited about the future.


Steve Elliott


Year 8 & 10 Football Results

Year 8 and 10 boys both played their first district league match tonight, away to Wollaston. Year 8 never gave up and showed great improvement since Year 7 but lost 7-1. Year 10 has a better time of it and continued their winning start to the season. They won 5-2, the pick of the goals coming from Elliott who smashed the ball into the top corner from 30 yards! 

Year 7 play their first ever game tomorrow at home also against Wollaston. 


Manor school next week

Book Fair!

Our Scholastic Book Fair will be open in the LRC at London Road from Thursday 20th September until Tuesay 25th September to allow pupils to browse and purchase a fantastic selection of books.

One great way to give your child the ability to buy a book is to use a Book Fair Gift Voucher. Book Fair Gift Vouchers are the simple, secure way to ensure your child gets the books they want and even better, you’ll save 20% when you buy online meaning a £12 voucher costs only £10, a £6 voucher costs only £5 and so on.
Once a purchase has been made, you will receive the voucher in an email which can be printed and given to your child to use at the Book Fair in school– much safer to carry than cash!
You can find out more about the Book Fair Gift Voucher by going to the site below.

What’s On @ Wrenn: January to April 2019

  • Year 11 University Challenge Event Night – Wednesday 9th January, Doddington Road Hall, 6:30 – 8:30PM


There is also a Useful Dates calendar you can view by clicking here.

If you would like any more information about an event, please contact us at


Year 10/11 English After School Support Sessions

Please see the below timetable for after school support sessions for year 10/11 English:

WEEK BEG Year 10 – Tuesday Staff Year 11 – Wednesday Staff
10-Sep Poetry: Approach to comparison ATH Poetry HSH
Lang Paper 2: Question 5 JMT Lang Paper 1: Question 2 GSR
  Unseen Poetry HCY
17-Sep Lang Paper 2: Question 5 ATH Poetry HSH
Poetry: Approach to comparison JMT Lang Paper 1: Question 3 GSR
  Unseen Poetry HCY
24-Sep Lang Paper 2: Question 5 GSR Lang Paper 1: Question 5 HSH
Poetry: Comparing two poems MD Lit: Modern Text: Approaching the question NTF
  Poetry Comparision HCY
01-Oct Poetry: Comparing two poems JMT Lit: Modern Text: Approaching the question TK
Lang Paper 2: Question 2 HSH Lang Paper1: Question 4 GSR
  Poetry Comparision HCY
08-Oct Poetry: Comparing two poems JMT Lang Paper 1: Question 5 HSH
Lang Paper 2: Question 3 TK Poetry Comparision DHL
  Lit: Modern Text: Approaching the question HCY
15-Oct Poetry: Comparing two poems ATH Lang Paper 1: Question 5 MD
Lang paper 2: Question 4 HSH Lang paper 1: Question 4 GSR

Year 10 Football Success

The start of Wrenn Sports’ winning streak! 

Well done to our Year 10 Football team who started the season with a fantastic 6-2 win against Latimer Arts College this evening. We are so PROUD!